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Survivor Stories

Amy's Story: "Bridges helped me find myself again."

“Time went on and I’d get hit, grabbed, and thrown against the wall. I was called stupid and retarded, constantly. And even names I cannot say. He was very hateful. I got to a point to where I would check the blinds every ten to twenty minutes to see if he was home. I’d call his job to see what time he was expected to be home, so I could have the house ready for his inspection. I lived in a state of fear, not knowing what type of mood he would come home in. The children and I weren’t allowed to talk to him right when he came home because he had a stressful job and he needed to unwind.

The final straw for me was a fight we had where he hit and kicked and hurt me in front of my then seven-year-old son. The fear in my son’s face was awful.

I was told about Bridges.

All of a sudden I had the best support system and friends and people who cared about me that I ever have had. They talked to me, and listened to me, which no one had really done in a long time. They fed and clothed my children and me and were there for every tear. I attended group once a week where we discussed our problems. We had a psychiatric nurse there on Monday nights for one-on-one counseling. I know if I hadn’t had Bridges I would have gone back to him. I learned to ride the trolley to get to work and to the store and got back some of the old me. I actually would laugh and have fun. My children, even though they left everything, were happier and loved the shelter and our new life. Bridges helped me find myself again.”

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