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Survivor Stories

Dan's Story: "I didn't think anyone would believe me."

When I left home last year, I had suffered numerous brutal physical and verbal attacks from my wife and was afraid to leave our six-year-old son at home while I worked.  With nothing more than my truck, son and the clothes on our backs, I abandoned my old life and ask the courts for help to keep my son safe.  At that time, I had no means of support; my wife and I owned a business together, so I also had to walk away from my only source of income.  My attorney referred me to Bridges Domestic Violence Center.  I called with much embarrassment and apprehension.  I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me, because I thought they only helped abused women. Much to my amazement they met with me, rented us a hotel, provided supplies to live on and toys for my son.  They also gave me restaurant coupons, cell phone and movie passes so I could keep my son entertained.  They referred me to counseling services and helped me pay for them until I could get on my feet.  The court advocate helped me file an Order of Protection, and my attorney helped with emergency custody orders.  In just two weeks, they had helped me find transitional housing and helped me get my son settled in school.   I am so grateful Bridges was there to help me and my son in our time of crisis; I don’t know what I would have done without them.  Today, I am working, and I have a home and a son that is well adjusted, I can’t imagine where I would have been if not for the help we received.  I can only hope that my story will help someone else see that putting up with abuse is not your only option.