Annual Jokers & Jackpots Gala to Raise Funds for Victims of Domestic Violence

Bridges Domestic Violence Center will host the annual Jokers & Jackpots Gala, which will be an evening of healing through the arts. Try your luck at the casino games, participate in silent and live auctions, enjoy casual dining, and more while raising money for a worthy cause.

This event will be held at Liberty Hall in The Factory at Franklin on Saturday, October 16 at 6:30 PM CDT. It is our mission to help victims of domestic violence heal from the trauma and rebuild their lives from the abuse.

The individual ticket price is $95.00 USD, and you can find more information about this magical evening on


Bridges Domestic Violence Center

In other news, we revamped our website to make it easier to navigate when you’re in need of someone to call. Staying in an abusive relationship due to the fear of leaving is not a solution- and it’s certainly not your only option! Here at BDVC, we offer the help and resources you need to free yourself from your situation and live more independently. Thanks to donations, we offer many services free of charge, including an exit strategy, emergency shelter, support groups, court advocacy, ongoing education, and trusted referrals among others. We offer all domestic violence services in the strictest of confidence, because we strive to cultivate a judgment-free space to assess and help in dire situations. Our crisis intervention team makes it a point to meet every victim’s situation in a timely and supportive manner.

We also advocate for children here at Bridge Domestic Violence Center. The trauma that can come from witnessing abuse can take a toll on a child. That’s why our children’s advocates are trained to ensure that each child is supported with the care and counsel that they need during a difficult time in their lives.

Our mission at BDVC is not just to help a victim survive after leaving an abusive relationship; we want to make sure they are thriving. Our victim’s Outreach Advocacy program was formulated to empower survivors of domestic violence through education, planning, and support. This program is also offered in Spanish, and we have bi-lingual advocates available and trained for these services.

We know it’s never the victim’s fault- that’s why our Batterer’s Intervention programs were created to change the offenders’ thinking and behavior by holding them accountable for their actions. The first step to creating the change we want to see in society is through education which is why we teach the participants nonviolent conflict resolution skills so that they can have healthier relationships built on trust and kindness.

Domestic violence victims should never have to choose between their pets and their own safety. Having your furry friends surrounding you while you are going through your healing process is integral to your road to recovery. We provide the accommodations and resources to guarantee that you won’t be separated from your four-legged companion.

Bridges Domestic Violence Center works to help victims and survivors find a pathway to safety and seize independence for their futures. After all, the people who love you shouldn’t be hurting you.

Please consider supporting us by attending the Jokers & Jackpots Gala. Click here to register!

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