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How Does Domestic Abuse Affect Mental Health?

The effects of domestic abuse can be far-reaching, influencing many aspects of our daily lives, how we see ourselves, how we care for ourselves, and how we interact with others.…

Are Domestic Violence Support Groups Helpful?

Experiencing a domestic violence situation is traumatic and can cause a survivor to feel isolated and confused. The survivor may find it difficult to trust anyone, resulting in hesitating to…

What Are Some Common Myths About Domestic Abuse?

According to, as few as 1% of every domestic violence occurrence is reported to police each year. This finding means domestic violence happens far more often than we may…

How to Create a Domestic Abuse Safety Plan

A domestic abuse safety plan includes vital information tailored to your unique situation and will help you prepare for possible unsafe situations and how to best respond to them.  What…

Recognizing the Types of Domestic Abuse

Recognizing the different types of domestic abuse and what the effects can be, is a crucial way to prevent this behavior from continuing in a domestic situation. It often enables…


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