Why Are Holidays Difficult For Survivors Of Domestic Abuse? 

While the holiday season is many people’s favorite time of year, it can be a different story for the survivors of domestic abuse. A domestic abuse survivor may experience many conflicting emotions during the holidays due to the events and demands of the season.  

What Kinds Of Emotional Challenges May A Survivor Experience During The Holidays?

  • Abuse survivors may experience anxiety and agitation in large family gatherings or crowds. The noise and movement tell their brain to scan for danger and a means of escape, and the brain slips into hyper-vigilant mode as protection. It may be nearly impossible for them to relax or enjoy a simple conversation. 
  • Many painful memories of a previous abusive relationship can arise during holiday events, causing survivors stress and grief. 
  • Separation from loved ones due to the difficulties of a current abusive relationship can result in feelings of isolation, sadness, and other negative emotions.
  • If an entire family is involved in the abuse, issues regarding the welfare of the children can be highly concerning to the survivor parent. The survivor may be separated from their children entirely due to legal issues or the possibility of danger to the children, which will be a source of deep sadness and stress for the parent. 

 Where Can A Domestic Abuse Survivor Find Help During The Holidays?

We help anyone who suffers from domestic abuse here at Bridges Domestic Violence Center of Brentwood, Tennessee. We help you live free from domestic violence, especially during the holiday season.

 Our services include: 

  • Temporary Shelter
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Child Advocacy
  • Batterer’s Intervention
  • Fur Babies, too!

Bridges Domestic Violence Center is dedicated to providing a safe pathway to independence. We understand that leaving an abusive situation can be complicated, challenging, and even sometimes dangerous. Through our team of highly skilled domestic violence advocates, we ensure safe emergency shelter and resources to support long-term goals of healing, safety, and self-sufficiency for domestic victims, survivors, and their loved ones. 

We offer our domestic violence services in the strictest confidence. Thanks to generous donations of financial support, we provide a selection of services free of charge. We welcome volunteers and donors, and our shop offers some fantastic products that help support what we do!

We are a member agency of United Way of Greater Nashville. 

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