How Can I Support Mothers In Need This Mother’s Day, May 14, 2023?


Being a mother is challenging under any circumstances. Sleepless nights, financial concerns, illnesses, relationship stressors, and more affect every mom sometimes – and that’s when life is “normal.”


When a mom’s life involves domestic abuse and trauma, the challenges go to a whole new level and can easily become impossible for her to deal with alone. Her life and the life of her child may be in danger, and she will need help and support. 


The Bridges Domestic Violence Center team is here for that very reason! 


What Can I Do To Help Bridges Domestic Violence Center Assist Mothers And Children At Risk?


This Mother’s Day, consider giving back to the community by helping us to help mothers and children at risk. There are several ways you can do this:


  • Volunteer. Bridges Domestic Violence Center can make an incredible difference in the lives of those suffering from domestic abuse because of our generous volunteers and donors. Download and fill out our volunteer application here.
  • Shop. Your purchase of Bridges products helps victims of domestic violence begin a life free of abuse. All proceeds directly benefit Bridges Domestic Violence Center.
  • Sign up to donate your “round-up” change: Donate Round-up Change
  • Donate items and finances. 
  • Be an advocate!
  • Learn about more ways to help here.


How Does The Bridges Domestic Violence Center Team Assist Domestic Violence Victims?


We aid domestic violence victims – both male and female! – in many ways. 

Your donations and support help us to provide victims with vital services, such as:


  • Temporary Shelter. Our temporary shelter offers immediate safety and comfortable housing for anyone experiencing violence in their home. We provide a compassionate environment with meals, basic needs, and assistance to help victims and survivors recover from trauma and regain self-sufficiency.
  • Crisis Intervention. Our 24-hour crisis hotline provides a judgment-free space to assess and assist in emergencies. Our crisis intervention team understands that each person’s immediate needs are different and makes every attempt to meet those individual needs in a timely and supportive manner.
  • Child Advocacy. The safety and well-being of children exposed to domestic violence are among our top priorities at Bridges Domestic Violence Center. Our children’s advocates are trained to ensure each child receives the age-appropriate support, care, and counsel they need during difficult times.


However you decide to help us, the Bridges Domestic Violence Center team is sincerely grateful, and your donations are a great way to give back to our Nashville community. Happy Mother’s Day to every mother in Nashville!


We are a member agency of United Way of Greater Nashville.


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