How Can You Be An Active Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month? 

This year marks 35 years since Domestic Violence Awareness Month was launched nationwide to connect those working on domestic violence issues and raise awareness worldwide. Since 1987, so much progress has been made to support victims, hold abusers accountable, and changes in legislation to further our efforts against domestic violence. 

The most frequently asked question we hear is, “How can I help?” The main things you can do to help those affected by domestic violence are to listen, support, and provide resources to them. 


What Can I Do To Bring Domestic Violence Awareness To My Community?

  • Speak Up: Domestic violence and abuse are silent epidemics that prosper in environments of shame and secrecy. Sometimes people around you will say things in bad taste or make fun of dating violence; this cannot be brushed off. Be a voice for those who have been silenced, and stand up for what’s right. 
  • Share Resources: If you know someone who is suffering silently in an abusive relationship or situation, find time alone with them and share Bridges Domestic Violence Center’s number, (615) 599 5777. We are there 24/7 to listen, advocate, and help guide victims to a path of safety. 
  • Volunteering At Your Local Programs: Supporting your local programs is one of the most tangible ways you can help victims directly. No matter how much extra time you have to volunteer, the staff and survivors will immensely appreciate your empathy, commitment, and that extra hand. 
  • Taking Action on Legislation: Your state/territory coalition is vital in the efforts to enforce policies that prioritize safety for victims and their children, hold perpetrators accountable, and implement funding for resources and programs. 


Bridges Domestic Violence Center is dedicated to helping victims, and survivors find their pathway to safety and independence. We offer life-changing services and programs free of charge to anyone who has experienced physical, mental, or sexual abuse. 

Our services include support groups, crisis intervention, and much more. If you need help right away, you can contact us online or by phone at (615) 599 5777. Our domestic violence advocates are standing by. 

We are a member agency of United Way of Greater Nashville.

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