October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

We set aside October yearly to raise awareness of all the aspects and concerns surrounding domestic violence. 

In October 1987, Domestic Violence Awareness Month was launched to connect and unite people and organizations dealing with domestic violence issues while also raising awareness about those issues. Over the past 36 years, much progress has been made to support victims and survivors of domestic violence, to hold abusers accountable, and to create and update legislation furthering those goals. 

How Can I Help Domestic Violence Victims During Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

One of the most powerful ways to help victims this month – and all year – is to be educated about the signs of domestic violence. When you understand what you are seeing, you can reach out to the abused with information and support, such as community resources and contacts who can help further.

Some signs of physical abuse can be:

  • Black eyes
  • Bruises on the arms
  • Busted lips
  • Red or purple marks on the neck
  • Sprained wrists

Signs of emotional or verbal abuse may be:

  • Agitation, anxiety, or constant apprehension
  • Changes in sleep habits (sleeping too much or not enough)
  • Developing a drug or alcohol problem
  • Extremely apologetic or meek
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Low self-esteem
  • Seeming fearful
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Talking about or attempting suicide

What Types Of Resources Does Bridges Domestic Violence Provide To Victims And Survivors Of Domestic Violence?

If someone you care about seems to be enduring an abusive relationship – including yourself – Bridges Domestic Violence Center is here to help. 

Our resources include:

  • Temporary Shelter
  • Court Advocacy
  • Child Advocacy
  • Support Groups
  • Batterer’s Intervention

At Bridges Domestic Violence Center, we help people live free from violence. From our fundraising events and our informative blogs to our Crisis Intervention Team and our ability to refer victims to other reputable organizations that can provide help and support, we are committed to those who suffer.

Call us today if you or someone you love is in need of help at (615) 599-5777 or contact us online. We’re here for you, always!

We are a member agency of United Way of Greater Nashville.

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