Worried About Holiday Stress As A Domestic Violence Victim?

holiday stress

The holiday stress affects everyone, but it can be much more difficult for a victim of domestic violence. Observances are supposed to be times of joy and celebration, yet for you, as the victim, they can be painful and scary.

The Bridges Domestic Violence Center is here to help you manage your situation. Keep reading for more helpful information.

What Types Of Abusive Do Domestic Violence Victims Face During The Holiday Season?

A few types of holiday-related stress a victim of domestic violence might face can include:

  • An abuser may isolate you from your family and loved ones during the holiday season, leaving you feeling sadness, loss, and depression.
  • Your finances might be controlled or withheld to the point that you have no funds for gifts, food, or travel. 
  • Interaction with others outside your immediate family can ignite jealousy and fear in the abuser’s mind, causing conflict and a perceived need to lash out in anger.
  • Your movements could be constricted, not allowing you to attend church events, theatrical or musical performances, go shopping, visit loved ones, or otherwise enjoy the season like usual. 

How Do I Handle Holiday Stress In An Abusive Relationship?

Being in a relationship with someone abusive is always tricky, but during times that are traditionally joyful, it can seem even worse

You may need help to face an abusive situation, so remember that Bridges Domestic Violence Center was founded to help victims like you. Here are some of our resources:

  • Our temporary shelter offers immediate safety and comfortable housing for anyone experiencing violence in their home. We provide a compassionate environment with meals, basic needs, and assistance to help victims and survivors recover from trauma and regain self-sufficiency.
  • Our 24-hour crisis hotline (615.599.5777) provides a judgment-free space to assess and assist in emergencies. Our crisis intervention team understands that each person’s immediate needs are unique, and we make every attempt to meet those individual needs in a timely and supportive manner. Our Crisis Intervention Team responds upon request, alongside our local law enforcement, at the scene of the assault. The victim receives immediate intervention and options for the next steps forward. 
  • Our domestic violence support groups give a safe and caring environment for victims and survivors of abusive relationships. These groups provide an encouraging space for healing and personal growth so no one has to face their trauma alone.

We are here for you to help you live free from domestic violence. You can reach Bridges Domestic Violence Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling (615) 599 5777 or contacting us online. You are not alone!

We are a member agency of United Way of Greater Nashville.

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